HB-systems from ABUS Crane Systems

By: ABUS Crane Systems  09/11/2009
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The ABUS monorail ESB is a real specialist when it comes to lifting and handling loads point-to-point. As curved track sections are available, “point-to-point” is not always the same as “straight-line”. This design permits the connection of individual workplace as required or adaptation to individual space configurations.

Load capacity: up to 2 t SWL

Double-rail system:

The ABUS double rail ZSB features increased maximum suspension spacing and a special installation configuration for the electric chain hoist, providing optimised maximum hook height.

Load capacity: up to 2 t SWL

Single-girder crane

The ABUS single girder crane EHB is the most effective solution when effective lifting power and both point-to-point and area-wide off-floor load handling are called for. As this is a very lightweight system, it can be installed in practically any conditions and is easy to operate by hand.

Load capacity: up to 1 t SWL

Double-girder crane

High load capacity and long crane girders are the characteristic features of the ABUS double girder crane ZHB. The crane and the electric chain hoist can be moved to any point required by electric motors. And, as the electric chain hoist is mounted on a trolley frame between the two crane girders, a high effective hook height is available.

Load capacity: up to 2 t SWL
Crane girder length: up to 12 m

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