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Power Assited Micro-manipulation from pro-physio Clinics

By: pro-physio Clinics  04/02/2009
Keywords: neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica

Power Assisted Micro-manipulation (PAMM3) -  'A breakthrough in the treatment of Back Pain' See my website for mor details.

Do you  want to improve your agility or sporting performance?
Do you want to get yourself a more mobile spine?
Do you want to reduce your pain?
Are you intent on avoiding surgery, pills, injections?

I am confident that I will be able to help. 

I utilise a piece of equipment that the media has dubbed the 'bionic hand' but which actually goes by the less snappy name of Power Assisted Micro-manipulation (PAMM). It is also called TAMARS (Technology Assisted Micro-mobilisation and Reflex Stimulator), or Theraflex.

So what is it?

British Engineer Robert Taylor invented PAMM.  He looked at the spinal mechanical problem of stiffness causing pressure on the nerves and discs, and after years of research and development, introduced PAMM. The device mimics the hand of a manual therapist at 25 times the speed, and has extraordinary results for all manner of problems

The PAMM equipment works in three different modes:

In SPASM MODE the pistons of the bionic hand move extremely quickly stimulating spinal reflexes so rapidly that reflex activity is "jammed" thus helping to eliminate muscle spasm.

In REFLEX MODE the pistons move at a slower speed but still fairly fast. As the practitioner moves the bionic hand up and down the spine normal spinal reflex activity is restored helping the spine to function in a balanced way again.

In MOBILISATION MODE the pistons move at a much slower speed while the practitioner guides the bionic hand up and down the spine freeing up the movement between the vertebrae. These restrictions in movement between vertebrae may have taken months or even years to develop.

The combination of normalising the spinal column's controlling reflexes plus the freeing up of restricted vertebral movement help restore the spine to a more youthful / functional / pain free state.

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