By: Patricia Maguire  14/10/2010
Keywords: body massage, back pain relief, Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage Therapy is extremely effective for many soft tissue injuries, including chronic longstanding conditions, ie Whiplash, repetitive strain, back pain and tight aching muscles through poor posture.This list is not exaustive.

Aromatherapy is a massage therapy which uses a blend of Essential plant oils for a range of conditions which include Stress, Insomnia, Skin conditions, Anxiety and panic attacks.

Hot Stone Massage is a great therapy which involves using heated basalt stones  combining  larger placement stones  and smaller stones to use as massage tools .
Hot Stones work well to ease out tired muscles, increase circulation and helps reduce Arthritic pain.

Keywords: Aromatherapy Oils, back pain relief, body massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Effective Treatments