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By:  29/10/2009
Keywords: Acoustic Door Seals, Architectural Seals, Acoustic rated door bottom seal

We stock several types of Acoustic Door Seal to reduce noise pollution. Sound reduction levels are compliant with Approved Document E.

A popular acoustic seal is the  automatic door bottom seal, which is spring loaded to lift clear of the floor as soon as the door leaf is opened by a few millimetres. When the door is closed the seal automatically lowers to the sealing position.

Sound reduction, depending on type, of  -37dB or -51B

Cold Smoke rated : Acoustic Rated : Weatherproof : Vermin Proof : Light Proof : An aid to Wheelchair Access

Face mounted or rebated options.  Anodized  Satin finish.  In stock lengths 330mm, 430mm, 530mm, 630mm, 730mm, 830mm, 930mm, 1030mm, 1130mm, 1230mm.

Tested for durability 200,000 cycles completed without failure for fire rated smoke doors.

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Keywords: Acoustic Door Seals, Acoustic rated door bottom seal, Architectural Seals, Automatic door bottom seal, cut noise pollution,