Summary of our services

Summary of our services from Abraham Associates

By: Abraham Associates  06/12/2010
Keywords: design consultants, design consultancy, Design Engineers

Mechanical Engineering (Chartered Mechanical Engineers)
Electronics Design
Engineering Product Design
Industrial Design
Structure design and steelwork
Illustration, computer generated and hand drawn
Rapid Prototyping
Computer Aided Design (CAD) and simulation
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for stress analysis (stress, strain & deflection)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) fluid flow analysis, often used for electronics cooling analysis
Component design
Assembly design
Production jigs, fixtures and test rigs
Special purpose machine design
Manufacture and prototyping

We also have expertise in many manufacturing and production processes with regular supplier contact within these industries in the UK, Europe and Asia. Typical processes:

Plastic and elastomer injection moulding
Rapid prototyping (SLA, SLS, DMLS, FDM, Vacuum Casting, CNC machining, conventional model making etc.)
Diecasting, pressure and gravity Casting, sand, precision sand, investment (lost wax process)
Carbon, Kevlar and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) products
Sheetmetal work
Fabrication and steelwork
Aluminium alloy extrusion system structures
Production presswork
CNC and conventional manual machining
Metal sintering with powder metallurgy
Chemical milling (etching process to engrave or form thin sheetmetal components)
Laser and waterjet cutting
Self adhesive labels for high quality product fascias and information labels
Product printing, etching and engraving
PCB, PCB assembly and test
Product assembly

Keywords: design consultancy, design consultants, Design Engineers, Engineering Design Consultancy