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CAD to part from Abraham Associates

By: Abraham Associates  06/12/2010
Keywords: Computer Aided Design, RAPID PROTOTYPING, CAD Design

3D CAD modeling is central to our design process as Digital Prototyping.  Our aim is to get from the virtual to real part precisely, quickly and cost effectively.  This is down to 3D CAD systems and our design engineers being able to test many scenarios and concepts on a computer long before any physical prototype is produced.  This makes each physical prototype far more likely to be closer to the final design therefore, less are required.

Rapid prototyping is now used for Direct Digital Manufacture (DDM) or "CAD to part" in situations where production volume is relatively low, design complexity relatively high, design change probability is high and start up investment is high. The benefits of this approach can include no machining or tooling cost, produces high integrity parts, no long lead times, inventory reduction, components supplied on demand and design can be changed during production with small costs.
This "tool-less" manufacture allows a significant change in design as it is design for use rather than conventional manufacture. Parts can also be designed and manufactured that are difficult or impossible by conventional means. A wide range of materials are available and is increasing. These include plastics, metals such as tool steel, stainless steel, cobalt chrome, low alloy steel, titanium, aluminium and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum etc. Part cost to volume break even must be evaluated before embarking on this approach as there will be a point where some form of production tooling will be more cost effective and affect the design approach. DDM is ideal for industries such as automotive, jewellery, aerospace and biomedical implants, surgical fixtures and guides custom designed to the patient.

Keywords: 3D CAD, 3d Computer Aided Design, CAD Design, Computer Aided Design, RAPID PROTOTYPING