Image Series Infrared Heating Panels

Image Series Infrared Heating Panels from Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels

By: Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels  06/10/2012
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Innovative heating technologyWelltherm with image heating panels

The image series ofWelltherm Infrared Heating Panels, provide you with   absolute freedom tocustomize your panel in any way you prefer. The flexibility and options arelimitless. You can choose your images to be printed out in the front side of yourWelltherm Infrared Heating Panel. Select one of your favorite memories orplaces that you have visited or anything else that you would like to have as afront side of the heating panel.

Let your imaginationrun wild and create your own radiator with the image of your preference orselect your favorite design from our wide picture suggestions. You can alsoselect different frame colors which best fit your personal style.

Remember that thecolors of your image heater are not only brilliant but durable as well. Theimage series of Welltherm infrared heating panels are manufactured with thelatest technology. The surface of the panel is scratch and acid resistant andallows the image panels to retain their brilliance and long lasting vibrantcolors.

Thin and Stylish

The FramelessWelltherm Infrared Heating Panel is not only very thin but also extremelyStylish. No matter the size you choose, the thickness of the panel is 2.1 cm. The heating panel adapts to the room style andyou forget that it is actually a heater until you turn it on and you feel theheat. Since it can be customized, the heater looks absolutely amazing in amodern room.

Slick and Modern

The Framed WellthermInfrared Heating Panel comes with a thin frame which brings the depth of thepanel to 2.7 cm. The framed panel maintains its stylish andmodern design while it provides you with more options for customization.

To Frame or not to Frame

We offer you the option to customize the paneland choose between framed and frameless heating panel. This way you have notonly the flexibility but also the design solution that helps you create a panelwhich integrates perfectly into your living area.

If you decide than you would like to have aframe on your panel, then more options become available to you. For examplewhat is the frame color you prefer? You can choose among 21 RAL colors, andfind the one that suits you best!

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