By: Aileen George Counselling  18/04/2012
Keywords: Counselling, Hampshire, stress

I believe that if a person has a problem, they also have the answer. I first became interested in counselling because I questioned why some people are able to overcome adversity while others struggle. I came to the realisation that what has happened in our past influences this. Human beings are adept at seeing things in black and white, ignoring, minimising, justifying and laughing off problems in order to maintain the status quo. Sometimes this can mask a profound unhappiness which can manifest itself in physical illness, depression, relationship difficulties etc. I offer a confidential service, to help clients who are experiencing a range of issues, such as: Anger, Bereavement, Loss, Anxiety, Stress, Burn-Out, Trauma, Childhood Abuse, Depression, Workplace Issues, Relationship Problems and Past Issues that are affecting day to day life. Counselling is an effective means of help and can help clients feel more positive and able to engage with life again. Talking to a counsellor who is removed from the problem means starting at the beginning and deciding what to talk about (and therefore what is important). This makes it real. A counsellor can help focus on what the problem is and what it's like for you to be experiencing it. With increased awareness come the possibilities of self-acceptance and doing something about it if that is what you wish to do.

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