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By: Zenses Holistic Therapies  08/05/2013
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Reflexology is one of the most popular complementary therapies used by women during pregnancy. It improves general well-being, is very pleasant to receive, and induces a deep relaxation so your body can adjust more smoothly to the major changes required at this time. Treatments help ease or prevent the many discomforts and ailments commonly associated with pregnancy. Trials have found that those receiving regular treatments during pregnancy tend to deliver closer to term and have shorter labours. Reflexology offers a natural and safe way of helping you to cope with the rapid changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Reflexology during pregnancy can help with: A reduction in morning sickness, all day sickness and vomiting which persists past the three month stage of the pregnancy. It helps to relieve indigestion, lower back pain, haemorrhoids and constipation. It prepares the body for labour by balancing all the body systems, especially the endocrine system which governs the labour process. The length of labour can be very much reduced by having regular Reflexology treatments in the weeks prior to the expected delivery date. Reflexology can be used during labour to help boost energy levels, and it aids deep muscle relaxation between contractions. It helps with pain control by stimulating the production of natural endorphins. Partners can be taught the areas of the foot to treat during labour. Using Reflexology can reduce the need for epidurals. Treatment A treatment involves the therapist applying pressure, stretching, and movement to find the blockages and break up patterns of stress, restoring balance and relieving tension. Reflexology treatments can also improve a patient’s circulation and elimination – two very important factors in maintaining good health and well-being. Reflexology during labour Reflexology is of great help when regulating contractions during birth. Stimulating the pituitary gland reflex together with the uterus reflex in order to provoke the secretion of natural Oxytocine and stimulating the uterus reflex to provoke a positive feedback of this hormone. The consequence is that Oxytocine is secreted quickly but it comes gradually, contractions are much more bearable and controllable and they let the mother adapt to them at her own rhythm, therefore allowing a better administration of her own energies. The result in most of the cases is a faster dilation, helping to a completely natural birth, shortening the period of labor and therefore saving many hours of useless pain. Reflexology is also beneficial post-natal too Adjusting to the demands of coping with a new baby Coping with interrupted sleep and fatigue Increase energy levels Maintaining or increasing milk supply Support as your menstrual cycle returns to normal Re-balance the body Stabilize body weight Prevent post-natal depression General relaxation and “Me time” Even though Reflexology is mostly a safe therapy, you should consider that some conditions are totally contraindicated to the Reflexology treatment during Pregnancy and they require immediate medical intervention: Placental abruption Placenta praevia Bleeding Continuous vomiting Toxaemia: Pre-Ecclampsia – Ecclampsia Pica Syndrome HELLP Syndrome DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

Keywords: Maternity Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology, reflexology

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