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Paintless Dent Repair, Vehicle Valeting & Detailing, Scratch & Scuff Restoration & Paint Correction from AX-A-DENT PDR

By: AX-A-DENT PDR  08/06/2011
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Paintless Dent Repair in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire & Middlesex

At some time or other most of us will have experienced the frustration of finding a new dent in our pride and joy.

Though sometimes small, the frustration not to mention the cost of the bodyshop repair, or the loss of up to £250 at the dealer when trading your car in, a body work dent is infuriating and unsightly. Shopping trolleys, car doors, careless 'seating', the kids bikes, vandalism, Storm damage, falling garage equipment... you name it we have seen it, they can all make dents.

Your car insurance policy most likely carries an excess charge which you will need to cover when making a claim. So what do you do? Do you call your insurance and make a claim? Go through the system, complete the paperwork, book the car in a bodyshop, arrange a loan car or hire car, be without your car for days or more, pay your excess? (Mine is over £350.00!!). Or, do you call your local PDR specialist at AX-A-DENT to come and assess and hopefully solve the problem without the need for insurance claims and bodyshops, and at a greatly reduced cost.

What is PDR? 

PDR is Paintless Dent Removal. Using specialised tools, hard learned techniques and a great deal of care and skill, we remove the dent without the need for removing and repainting the panel of the vehicle. Hence 'Paintless Dent Removal'. So no trouble with colour matching or warranties. It is a fixed cost, one off payment with no onward contract, long term commitment or sign up to further remedial services required. You can get a dent fixed without having to have the car taken away to a bodyshop. It is important to note that not all dents can be repaired 100% with PDR, but most will be a 95% fix and in some cases it is a matter of making good a dent.


That depends, how big is the dent, what is the access like? Based on these and other factors, dents can take 30 minutes or all day. Have a look at our Price List page for a Guide to costs, but a FREE personal assessment will be required for an accurate quotation to be given.


You can e-mail pictures of your dent via the 'Request and Estimate' page on the website . I can then gauge whether it is worth you pursuing a PDR repair. I will book a time to come and assess the dent in person either at your home or office, I will talk you through the process in as much detail as you want and show what we do. So far, NO COST to you but a little time taking a photo, text it if you like straight from your phone.  If you don’t have the facility to send a picture try to be as accurate as possible when describing the damage as time is money!


From here on you will be given a no obligation quote to repair the dent. If you decide to proceed, the dent will be repaired at a time convenient to you at your premises, and barring another prang it will not return, it will require NO onward maintenance and basically no further cost. JOB DONE!! As they say...

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