Singers for Cremations

By: Singers for Funerals  20/01/2010
Keywords: funeral, bereavement, cremation

Thanks to a new arrangement with Wesley Music, Singers for Funerals can now offer our soloists accompanied by our own recorded accompaniments through the Wesley Music system at selected UK crematoria.

If you've just read that and not understood a word, let me explain! Some crematoriums use a music system that allows them to order any recorded music they wish, from hymn accompaniments to pop songs. The Wesley System downloads then plays that music through the crematorium's own sound system, eliminating the need for you, the client, to have to source recordings yourself.

Wesley Music have agreed to hold a selection of our specially recorded Singers for Funerals backing tracks, so we can make sure we are singing to a good accompaniment, in the right key and the right tempo. In other words, you get the best singing and accompaniment!

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