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By: LBhealthcare  08/02/2009
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Neurophysiotherapy is a treatment available to help sufferers of neurological diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease as well as those recovering from a stroke. It can also benefit neurologically-impaired patients including those who may have had a head injury. A neurological problem can often have a serious impact on a person’s movement, sensation, balance and co-ordination.

The aim of treatment at the neurophysiotherapy clinic is to help each person regain as many of these abilities as possible. Patients may have restricted use and control over their bodies, this treatment can help facilitate and maximise the patient’s physical abilities.

The treatment includes a comprehensive neurological assessment, a treatment plan and a course of home exercises. The neurophysiotherapy service at LBhealthcare offers both dry land and hydrotherapy assessments and treatment. The neurophysiotherapist will assess all new patients in a private consultation room discussing treatment options and personal goals. The neurophysiotherapist is also able to offer ongoing advice and/or a maintenance programme to maintain a level of function and to prevent deterioration.

Treatment sessions:

Initial assessment and ongoing treatment sessions 60 minutes

Hydrotherapy sessions are 30 minutes following an initial 60 minute dry land neurological assessment

Home Visits are available

The following are conditions suitable for referral to neurophysiotherapy:

Stroke (cerebrovascular accident) or Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)

Guillian-Barre syndrome

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease

Neurological weakness

Traumatic Brain Injury/Head Injury

Keywords: hydrotherapy, Physio, physiotherapists, physiotherapy