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By: LBhealthcare  08/02/2009
Keywords: lower back pain, back injury

 What is MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, an imaging technique used to visualise the soft tissue inside your body.

How does MRI work?

The MRI machine is basically a large ring shaped magnet with a very high magnetic field strength. MRI combines a powerful magnet with radio-frequency pulses. These collect signals that are then processed by a sophisticated computer to form pictures of the inside your body.

When are MRI scans used?

MRI is used for the investigation of the entire body from slipped discs to brain tumours, from painful or injured joints to assessment of blood flow in blood vessels; from gynaecological problems to breast disease; from kidney transplants to the function of the heart and for the diagnosis and planning of treatment for cancer.

Keywords: back injury, lower back pain