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By: LBhealthcare  08/02/2009
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The ultrasound service is provided by State Registered Specialist Sonographers with extensive years experience in both the private and public sector. We have established strong links with the local GP and Midwife service and undertake some work for local PCT’s. A comprehensive range of ultrasound scans are offered including the amazing 4D Baby Bonding.

Dating Scan (6 -14 Weeks gestation)

As well as giving a dating of the pregnancy this scan establishes the number of babies present and whether the pregnancy is progressing normally inside the uterus. Most are performed before 14 weeks gestation but later gestations can be measured if patients are unsure of dates. This scan offers reassurance for patients experiencing pain or bleeding or who have previous miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. Occasionally in early pregnancy it may be necessary to perform an internal scan. This does not harm the foetus and the procedure will be clearly explained at the time of the scan.

Nuchal-Translucency Scan (11 to 13 weeks + 6 days gestation)

The Nuchal Translucency is an area of fluid at the back of the baby’s neck. All babies have some fluid there but babies with Chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome may have increased fluid. A scan to measure this can be performed between 11 to 13 weeks + 6 days. This scan also provides the same information as a Dating Scan. The Nuchal Translucency measurement is combined with other factors to determine your risk of having a baby with chromosomal abnormalities. This scan can be performed alone or combined with a blood test which will increase the sensitivity. As one of the factors used in determining your risk is maternal age, this scan is particularly relevant to mature mothers. Below is a table for age related risk for having a Down’s Syndrome baby.

Detailed Anatomy Scan (19 to 24 weeks gestation)

Also known as a “Routine Scan”. This scan provides a very detailed examination of the baby’s anatomy including the baby’s head, face, heart, abdomen, spine and limbs to check for any abnormalities. Measurements are taken and the placental position and amniotic fluid is also checked. The baby’s sex can also be determined at this scan if required.

Foetal Well Being and Growth Reassurance Scan (24 weeks to term)

This scan checks the baby’s growth and overall well being. Measurements of the baby are taken and an estimated weight can be calculated. The amniotic fluid surrounding the baby and the blood flow in the umbilical cord are assessed and measured. These measurements are appropriately charted in the report you will receive at the end of the examination. The placental position is also assessed to make sure it is not covering the birth canal. The baby can also be sexed if required during this scan.

Sexing Scan (19 weeks onward)

The baby can be sexed any time after 19 weeks.

4D Baby Bonding Scan (24 to 30 weeks)

The spectacular 4D Bonding Scan has completely revolutionised the way you view your baby. The 4D scan is a collation of 3D images which provide a realistic moving image of your baby. These life-like images capture the baby’s facial expressions and movements. A selection of images will be taken throughout the scan and the moving examination will be recorded onto a DVD. The DVD will be given to you to take home at the end of your examination as a lasting record of these precious moments. This scan enhances the bonding process with your baby. The optimum time to perform this scan is between 24 to 32 weeks gestation. The well being of your baby will be assessed and it will also be possible to tell you the sex of your baby should you wish.

Gynaecological Scan

Pelvic ultrasound scans are used to assess the uterus, ovaries and adnexal areas. These can be helpful in diagnosing a variety of gynaecological problems which may present as pain and/or irregular or abnormal bleeding. These scans do require a GP referral. We ask you to attend with a full bladder so that we can obtain good views. However, part of the examination may be performed trans vaginally to obtain optimum images. You will be given a detailed report for your own records and a copy for your GP.

Musculskeletal & Vascular Scans

These are performed by local Radiologists and Vascular Sonographers. Further details available on request.

USEFUL INFORMATION: Scan appointments can be made at a time that suits you. The scans are performed using a state of the art ultrasound machine capable of producing beautiful images of your baby. All scans are able to be viewed on not only the ultrasound machine monitor but also a larger ‘slave’ monitor. This ensures that you and any family or friends accompanying you have a good view. Friends and family (up to 3 people) are welcome to share the experience with you. We use a computerised Viewpoint Reporting System and you are given a detailed report for each scan including measurement charts as appropriate. For each scan you are given several thermal images on high quality gloss paper.

The 4D scan patients also receive moving images on a DVD.

PREPARATION FOR YOUR SCAN: Please attend Dating and Nuchal scans with a full bladder. If you have to travel a long way and wish to drink once at the clinic, please allow an extra half an hour before your appointment. A fresh water facility is available at the clinic. It is preferable to avoid fizzy drinks. Please bring any pregnancy notes and details of your GP and Midwife in case it is necessary to contact them.

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