Data experts release 2009 predictions

Data experts release 2009 predictions from DQ Global

By: DQ Global  12/01/2009
Keywords: Master Data Management, Address Correction Software, Data Deduplication Software

Data experts release 2009 predictions  
Fareham, United Kingdom – January 12th 2009:
DQ Global, the experts in data quality improvement, announced today their industry predictions for 2009. Martin Doyle, DQ Global CEO and leading data quality expert states what he believes to be the hot topics for 2009.  

Upping the value in a down economy
Organisations will have budgets cut or frozen. With less money to spend they will make do with what they have rather than splash out on new fangled technologies. CFOs and Finance Directors will look inwardly at how to achieve higher returns on assets employed rather than the ROI on new purchases.  
Everyone will need to understand the value of their assets, physical and intellectual, leading to initiatives which sweat all the assets and ensure they are not squandered.  This will be especially true of those which appear to have no tangible value, but do. E.g. the data locked up in various applications including: CRM, Marketing and ERP/Accounting systems.  These are obvious targets for optimising value as there are massive inherent information wastes and gains to be had.

Serving them right
With both B2B and consumer markets spending less, companies are going to have to work harder than ever at delivering value to serve their customers right.  Failing to do so will lead to customer defections, lost opportunities and frankly will serve them right.  Conversely, those who adapt to better serve their customers, those who know their market through better data and hence information will deliver the value discerning customers demand, be that through better product, service or price.  The winners will retain, penetrate and attract new business and survive to fight another day.     

This need for a better understanding of customer needs will lead to an increase in Master Data Management and Single Customer View initiatives throughout 2009, as also stated recently by Gartner.  

Social Data and CRM 
The role of social networking sites will continue to evolve and impact on sales and marketing departments. There's going to be a need to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) with the data available from these cloud environments, where individuals have shared so much data about themselves.  

More or Less
The economy is going to get worse before it gets better. This will clearly affect IT and Marketing budgets everywhere. Budgets will be cut, projects may be put on hold, upgrades may be delayed or cancelled. However, those who demonstrate value (value = benefit - cost) and show clients they will either get more of whatever they want and less of what they don’t want, ideally both, money will still be spent and value obtained.  

With the government financially bailing out industries such as financial services, compliance and regulations will be bought to the forefront as tax payers feel the need to know what is going on with their money.  

Green Shoots
As with cutting costs, all industries will investigate ways to save money which will include eliminating waste and therefore impact green issues. This may be waste associated with utilities; leaving lights on, heating on when windows are open or recycling; paper, cartridges.  Don’t overlook the 7 information wastes which also impact the environment and your bottom line.  

The DQ Global product suite helps IT and Marketing departments to save money and ensure business decisions and marketing campaigns are fit for business use. Free trials of all products can be found  

About DQ Global
With over 10 years' experience in data quality improvement, DQ Global specialises in easy to use, database-independent, data cleansing software which saves money and provides a platform for better informed decisions. Solutions range from simple desktop, through larger departmental databases to complex enterprise-wide single customer view and master data management initiatives. Head Quartered in Fareham, Hampshire, UK; DQ Global also has regional offices in North America and South Africa serving over 500 clients worldwide, including: Toshiba, Harvey Nichols, Standard Charter Bank, Pfizer and Siemens.  

Keywords: Address Correction Software, Data Deduplication Software, Master Data Management