Pacinian Haptics - Surface Effects

Pacinian Haptics - Surface Effects from PB Interfaces Ltd

By: PB Interfaces Ltd  18/01/2011
Keywords: touch screens, interfaces, Membrane Keypads

Pacinian Haptic Technology - offers the ability to create the thinnest haptic design available in the market today. QWERTY keyboard layout for PC's less than 3mm total thickness. also, can be used with Touch screens and mouse pads.

The technology uses cutting edge Electrostatic attraction :

- Principle: Electrostatic Attraction:

  • - Two Conductive Surfaces are charged, generating an attractive force.
  • - A Dielectric Layer is added to maintain the voltage difference and increase the force.
  • - Springs enable one of the surfaces to move relative to the other and returns it to its normal state      between actuation's.
  • - A controller consisting of: Power Supply, Switching Electronics, and MCU enables a broad range of Haptic Profiles.
  • - Extremely power efficient; virtually no impact on power budget or battery life
  • Force sensing is also used to create switching and potentiometer type acceleration control

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