Roy Hunter Parts Therapy Workshop

Roy Hunter Parts Therapy Workshop from Hampshire Hypnotherapy

By: Hampshire Hypnotherapy  04/05/2011
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We have Roy Hunter coming over from the US to run a Parts Therapy Workshop and a Train the Trainer Workshop. Parts Workshop 28th-29th July and Train the Trainer 30th-31st July 2011

  • Overview
  • Important Background Information
  • Proper Preparation:
    Defining Client-centered Parts Therapy; Explain Parts Therapy to the Client; Deepen Appropriately; Establish a Safe Place; Establish (or Confirm) Finger Responses; Verify Hypnotic Depth
  • The 11-Step Process
    An in-depth presentation of each of the 11 steps of the entire parts therapy process,  potential detours and how to deal with them
  • Role Play Exercises for each of the 11 steps
  • Concluding the Session
  • Supervised Practice Sessions
  • Potential Pitfalls and Other Concerns
  • New Frontiers (time permitting) Spiritual Potential
    and More…
  • Breaks as needed throughout each day.

A certificate of professional education in parts therapy will be provided to all who attend both days.

After successful completion of the entire Train the Parts Therapy Trainer program, participants will have all the tools necessary to teach client centered parts therapy to hypnosis students and/or hypnosis professionals, using an optional PowerPoint Presentation, designed for exclusive use of Certified Parts Therapy Trainers.

While the first two days of the four days workshop are devoted to learning parts therapy, the last two days will enlist the expert teaching of Roy Hunter to show you how to train others to properly employ parts therapy.

Prerequisite for Parts Therapy Trainer: Must have at least two years of full time experience with professional hypnotherapy (or three years of part time professional experience), and EITHER 1) have taken previous training in client centered parts therapy PLUS professional experience using parts therapy with clients. Exceptions must be cleared by Roy Hunter.

Note that professionals who have previously studied parts therapy at one of Roy Hunter’s workshops AND have used it with clients are permitted to enroll in the Day 3 and 4 workshop without taking the original workshop again.

Day 3 and 4 Objectives:

Participants will learn…

  • How to introduce parts therapy to hypnosis students and professionals
  • How to teach parts therapy (step-by-step)
  • Why it is important to facilitate role play during the learning process
  • What role play exercises to use with your participants
  • How to use Roy Hunter’s PowerPoint Presentation as a guide to help you teach

INCLUDED is a copyrighted CD available for the EXCLUSIVE use of Certified Parts Therapy Trainers, which contains the following:

  • A professional PowerPoint Presentation as a guide for both you and your students
  • An MSWord document with Roy Hunter’s copyrighted Parts Therapy Workbook, which you can reproduce for your students
  • A special ‘Read this first’ file, which contains additional information for the Certified Parts Therapy Trainer.
  • Optional exam (and exam key)) for your use with students.
  • Additional MP3 sound files to accompany the PowerPoint presentation

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate recognizing you as a Certified Parts Therapy Trainer. At a later date you will have access to a special parts therapy website, and you will be listed on BOTH the Association website AND on Roy Hunter’s website as a Certified Parts Therapy Trainer.

Keywords: hypnotherapy training