boot scraper for cleaning muddy boots

By: Boot Scraper  18/12/2009
Keywords: boot, shoes and boots, Scraper has developed a light weight easy to use tool that scrapes the mud off your boots before you go indoors or get into the car.  Once the majority of the mud is off then get a tub of warm water, a scrubbing brush and clean off what little mud is left. Finally wipe with a cloth and put them somewhere to dry. Done!  
The boot scraper can be carried on the outside of your backpack or daypack and when the mud has clogged up your tread you can grab the boot scraper and clean the mud from your tread without removing your boots. Also at the end of the day you can clean the majority of the mud off before going into your tent or going indoors or climbing into the car.  
Do you play a sport where your boots get very muddy and the studs are useless because there is too much mud between them? When there is a break in play and the drinks come out, make sure the boot scraper comes out also so that you can clean your boots and then the studs can do what they are meant to do.  Keep a boot scraper in your kit so that you can clean your boots at the end of the match before going indoors. This will also help to keep the club rooms clean. Great for rugby players, footballers, the orienteer, cross country runners, geocachers,  
Work in a job that is always muddy like on a building site? Then the boot scraper should be in your tool kit so that you can keep your tread clear and keep yourself safe by always having good grip on the slippery building site.   Does ice on the bottom of your ski boots make it hard to put your skis on? Then scrape the ice off with the boot scraper. It is light weight and portable.   Also great for dog walkers, ramblers, golfers, wearers of wellies (
gumboots/wellingtons), hikers, gardeners, farmers, horse riders, stable hands, dirt riders, mountain bikers.     The boot scraper is a light weight, tool that is moulded from stiff polypropylene.   Anyone can use the boot scraper- scouts, guides, wood craft folk or your own kids. And it is much easier than using a screw driver, butter knife, tooth pick, nail, a stick to name some of the implements that have been used over the years. Much simpler than banging the boots together, washing them in the shower or removing the dirt with your fingers. is certainly a simplest way to clean your muddy boots.

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