Sauna Heater

Sauna Heater from Leisurequip Ltd

By: Leisurequip Ltd  13/01/2011

Over the years Tylö has pioneered numerous innovations to improve and develop the function, safety and enjoyment of sauna bathing. Today’s Tylö sauna heaters are the pinnacle of sauna technology, and our classic models excel over other brands in one crucial area after the other. You only have to look at the design, the precision and the quality of the finish to see that. But the difference in class really begins to show once the sauna heater is switched on – and you can begin to switch off.

Our classic Tylö sauna heaters for home saunas are available with a separate wall-mounted control panel outside the sauna room, or with dials for controlling time and temperature integrated into the heater itself. Whatever model you choose, you can be sure it includes all the features that have made Tylö a byword for quality among sauna aficionados all over the world.