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Affiliate Websites So, you’ve done your research, selected your niche and concluded there is space in the affiliate market for your idea. Now all you need to do is create an affiliate website – wrong! Wrong! WRONG!!! It is at this point that 99.99% of affiliate websites fail at the first hurdle. They focus on creating a beautiful looking website and forget the whole purpose of what they are trying to achieve. This isn’t an art competition – this is serious business and all serious business people know that websites, as well as looking good, NEED TO WORK HARD FOR THEM. There is absolutely no point in having an affiliate website that just sits there doing nothing; only getting traffic through paid advertising. If you have to pay lots of money to get people to your website then you are never going to make any money. SEO Optimised Affiliate Websites Affiliate websites are all about working in harmony with the search engines, especially Google; as it accounts for around 90% of all searches online in the UK. Google is not going to send tonnes of traffic to a website with paper-thin content and thousands of commonplace feed driven pages. It has worked hard to spot these poor quality sites – that was what Google’s two major algorithm updates – Penguin and Panda – were all about. SEO Optimised Affiliate Websites Here at Webprom we supply fully functional affiliate website design with all the scripts, shopping carts, payment gateways and affiliate feeds all in place. Not only that, but MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL we supply a website that is fully SEO optimised for Google. This involves researching your keywords and embedding them in your website and then giving Google all the information it needs on a silver platter. Sounds easy? Well it isn’t. People think they just need to use a tool like Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find the keywords with the most amount of monthly searches and then add them into the Meta section of their affiliate marketing websites. If it was this easy then why do thousands of affiliate sites fail every year? The reason why many people fail at affiliate marketing is not because there is anything wrong with the Affiliate Market (worth around £15 billion in the UK in 2014); it is because the website they built or bought was not fit for purpose. You can buy an affiliate marketing website for just a few hundred pounds but you are not going to get much for your money and are likely to fail at the first hurdle because you have started off with a poor quality website that is highly unlikely to appear highly on Google. If you are serious about making money online then you need to ensure you start off with every advantage possible. Not only will Webprom build you an SEO optimised site, but we will provide you with all the resources and support to ensure you are one of the affiliate market success stories. For further details view our website:

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SETTING UP AN ONLINE BUSINESS: Online business ideas are all over the Internet; a simple search will bring up hundreds of results. However, to be a success in the world of online business you must decipher which of these ideas are worthwhile and which are not. Many hundreds of people every day decide to swap their regular day job for an online career working from home. Their beliefs are right; however to become successful you must first make the right choice regarding what business to start!



FULL WEB DESIGN SERVICE for clients who are looking for a bespoke website or would like their current website fixed or updated. We have at our disposal a team of experts in all aspects of Web Design & Marketing with a long and successful track record in building ‘match-fit’ business websites with integrated SEO solutions. Who are our clients? Small Businesses Charities Not For Profit Organisations Sole Traders Bed & Breakfasts / Hoteliers Property Investors / Developers Work From Home