Check Your Tyres Regularly to Stay Safe and Save Money

By: Hometyre North Hampshire  05/10/2013
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Check the condition of your tyres regularly! The first thing is to keep your tyres up to the correct pressure. This will maximise your tyre life and your fuel economy. Also look for signs of cracking on the edges or in the tyre grooves. These may not be immediately visible from a casual glance as the tyre is black and under the car so it is dark. The cracks do not show up well until you get within a couple of feet of the tyre. Turn the steering wheel full lock so that it is easier to inspect the front tyres. For the rear tyres you will need to get down low behind the car. People often miss the inside edge of the rear tyres as it is the most difficult to see. Your tyres could be wearing unevenly so you need to check thoroughly. Check the date code, you will find a 4 digit number normally inside a small oval on the side of the tyre. The first two digits relate to the week of manufacture, the second two digits relate to the year. The date code 2109 means 21st week of 2009. Minimum tyre depth is 1.6mm for a continuous band, 75% of the tread width around the wheel circumference. However 1.6mm is REALLY LOW and your stopping distance in the wet is seriously compromised. You should really start planning to change your tyres at a tread depth of 3mm. When they reach 3mm start checking prices on the web. If you compare us you will find us very competitive and WE COME TO YOU! You really should not leave it until you absolutely have to change your tyres. If you do you will probably just go to the nearest fast fit centre because it is now urgent and you will find that the price that you are quoted if you just turn up is higher than if you had done some research in advance. So, be safe and keep an eye on your tyres and on your pocket. RING HOMETYRE!

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