Want to lose that holiday fat & WEIGHT? by Herbalife UK

Want to lose that holiday fat & WEIGHT?  by Herbalife UK from Herbalife

By: Herbalife  13/09/2010
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Have you been eating a little too much during the summer holidays? Have you come back to an overloaded desk and haven’t a moment to think? No need to panic or despair. Losing fat & weight with Herbalife is easier than ever with the . No time to mix a shake? Just unwrap a delicious , and you’re ready to take on the world!

Whether your goal is weight-management or healthy nutrition, a is a nutritionally balanced and healthy meal on the go! – now in Red Fruits & Yoghurt flavour. The fresh flavours of super fruits pomegranate, blueberry and acai berry combined with a layer of creamy yoghurt gives a great new, tasty flavour twist. Suitable for vegetarians! Enjoy with a refreshing glass of water and you can face the day with a smile. Also available in delicious Chocolate flavour.

Find a perfect ‘pick-me-up’ with Thermo Complete Herbal Tablets..

When you’re in need of extra energy, concentration and alertness, are the perfect solution. Coffee and tea give you a temporary lift, but with , you’ll feel great all day. provides a blend of caffeine from green tea, caffeine powder, yerba mate and cocoa powder.

Keywords: herbalife uk, weight loss products, Weight Management