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By: Herbalife  14/07/2010
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 This product pack comes with 3 products:

Herbalife tea: choose your favourite flavour and size; Herbalife formula 1 delicious shakes: choose also your favourite flavour (it comes in 5 tantalizing flavours) and Herbal aloe drink for cleansing.  
To function properly we need a healthy nutrition plan with balanced levels of energy, vitamins, minerals, good carbohydrates, plant-based proteins, healthyfats and beneficial fibre, herbs and antioxidants.  

Water is vital. We should aim t drink between 1.5-2 litres a day to stay hydratedand help the body flush out toxins and waste. Your body uses over 1litre duringthe night alone, through breathing, sweating and your morning visit to the bathroom.  

Eating the right types and amount of food is vital for maintaining your energyduring the day. Your body converts your food into energy and uses it for normalactivities during the day and when you do exercise.  

Typical Breakfasts  

Carbohydrate based Breakfast: In the morning, simple carbohydrates such as white bread, toasts or cerealsthat are high in refined sugar, may give you a bit of energy and satisfy yourhunger - but the effect isn't lasting. Your body responds with a drop in sugarlevels. You are also missing all the other nutrients neccessary for your bodyto function properly such as protein, fibres, vitamins and minerals & goodnon saturated fats. As a result you can soon feel tired, lose your concentrationand feel hungry again before lunchtime, craving more carbohydrates. If you givein it becomes a vicious circle! Repeated excesses and drop in energy makes yourbody out of balance and as a result can have long term effects on your weightand well being.  

No Breakfast:

You may not feel hungry in the morning or your might not have time. Butskipping breakfast can have undesirable effects. Your body tries to draw onyour reserves of nutrients and water which is a need to function properly butwhich have been depleted during the night. If you don't eat anything you arelikely to feel tired and hungry a little later and want to snack on things suchas chocolate or sweet coffee or biscuits to find same energy and raise yoursugar level. Once more, the ups and downs of the vicious circle can affect yourweight and well being long term.  

What your body needs is a balanced and nutritionally complete breakfast!

Keywords: Herbal Life, herbal life products