Earn extra or full time income. Work from home or fron wherever you want. No experience required

Earn extra or full time income. Work from home or fron wherever you want. No experience required from Herbalife

By: Herbalife  30/12/2009
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  • Very low investment to start up. 
  • No need to purchase stock inventory or for overheads and employees.
  • No obligations. Be your own boss. Earn what you're worth . Millions of certified successful testimonials
  • No boundaries for an international business. The possibility to expand your business internationally. Once you buy the Herbalife International Business Pack (IBP), you are entitled to recruit and sell in 72 counties where Herbalife was approved as a business and as Natural Products.
  • Best natural products on the market which were tested and created by award-winning scientists in the field of medicine such as Nobel Prize winner Dr. Ignarro Medicine  and other very well-known doctors who make up the Herbalife Scientific Advisory Board. Herbalife science-based products are developed at our Los Angeles centre: the Herbalife Mark Hughes Laboratory at the University of California.
  • The chance to qualify to get free training around the world and be trained by very well-known and prestigious figures such as the philosopher Jim Rohn.
  • A committed company whose mission is to improve people's lives, helping them to change poor nutritional habits. Our CEO is the internationally-known Michael Johnson who has vast experience in the field and was the leader of the Disney company for many years. He was internationally recognised for his vision in helping the Disney Company to avoid bankruptcy when it was near to it.
  • No need to have any prior knowledge or experience. Herbalife World Team School will teach you all the basics you need to make your business successful. You can even learn from home either with our outstanding FREE business tools that we provide to our own organization of distributors - teaching you all the secrets to make your own business reap unrivalled financial rewards - or through an internet connection to the website especially designed for Herbalife Independent Distributors including great Business tools.

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