New ionic fuel locks and deck fillers.

New ionic fuel locks and deck fillers. from Basingstoke Refigeration and Cooker Repairs

By: Basingstoke Refigeration and Cooker Repairs  03/12/2010
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   A revolutionary new locking system is being launched by Ionic Locks, at the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), Amsterdam. The Yacht Lock and fuel cap range from Ionic Locks uses patented ionic technology to produce a unique lock that operates using an ionic key. 
The Ionic lock has no moving parts, and each lock and key can be easily coded electronically to produce additional keys if required, or to change the lock for security reasons.  There is even a model of Yacht Lock which operates underwater. The first product in the Yacht Lock range, on show at METS, is the Lockable Deck Filler. 

The Deck Filler is designed to replace the on deck cap found on the access points for the vessel’s fuel and water tanks. These deck fillers are traditionally able to be opened using a winch handle – making them vulnerable to fuel theft, or from cross contamination by being accidentally filled with the wrong liquid. Ionic Lock also have a number of fuel locks for the trucking industry. The ionic fuel cap works on the same principle of a locking fuel cap that once locked cannot be force open, in fact it is almost impossible to force open therefore reducing fuel and diesel theft.  

The Yacht Lock deck filler and the locking fuel caps are high precision, rust-proof locks made from high quality 316 stainless steel. We appreciate that diesel fuel theft is on the rise and feel confident that our range of locking deck fillers and fuel caps will stop fuel theft in its tracks.

We have just recently supplied fuel lock to companies that are having a problem with oil or diesel being stolen from their oil tanks. Say’s Terry Flores marketing director from ionic Locks.

To see if ionic locks can help you contact Terry Flores:  terryf (at)

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