Natural Body Care with Honey and Beeswax

By: A Bakset of Bees  26/03/2015
Keywords: skin care, hair care, Natural Products

Our products are, Liquid Honey silk soap which moisturises the skin as well as cleans, Honey Shower gel which leaves your skin fresh, clean and moisturised. Honey Shampoo which cleans, feeds and strengthens your hair also moisturises your scalp, which helps keep dandruff away. Honey and Beeswax soap bars, these clean and moisturise your skin and the Beeswax leaves a waterproof layer helping to seal moisture in and protect your bodies natural oils. These all can help with eczema, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin. We also do some lovely flavoured Lip balms with Beeswax, and Beeswax and Honey Cream. The natural oils in these keep your skin in good condition and the Beeswax encourages new skin cells, so helps sores and grazes heal. These are all made by us so we know what is in them and you can trust what you buy. Thay are also all natural so can help with eczema, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin.

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