New Cartridge Filter Dust extraction unit, including powder dosing & LEV system Salisbury, Wiltshire

New Cartridge Filter Dust extraction unit, including powder dosing & LEV system Salisbury, Wiltshire from R&B Industrial ltd

By: R&B Industrial ltd  01/01/2013
Keywords: dust extraction, dust control, dust cartridge filters

R&B Industrial have recently completed a new Cartridge Filter Dust extraction project @ Chemring Counter Measures, Salisbury, Wiltshire. The system extracts smoke & fumes from the testing of flares. The new LEV system provides a low cost, innovative solution to the previous extract system, which had high on-going filter & energy costs.   The old facility had a dust extraction unit, however, the cartridge filters blinded very quickly within 3 – 4 weeks, due to the very fine particulate & dew point of the gases/fumes, created by the burning flares. This bridged & blinded the pleats & pores in the cartridge filter media, causing frequent and expensive filter changes.   The new flare testing facility required a fume & dust extraction system where the filters will last considerably longer, together   The solution provided by R&B Industrial includes a reverse pulse jet, dust collector; model RP-234, together with a powder dosing system, and vacuum extract point. The 234m2 of PTFE membrane filter media, provide a very low filter velocity for the design air flow, and very low emissions to atmosphere (< 0.5 mg/m3 particulate).   The powder dosing system, injects calcium carbonate as a neutralising powder into the duct. This absorbs acid gases and provides an excellent filter ‘cake’ to form on the surface of the cartridge filter media. This prevents blinding of the media substrate pores (by very fine sub-micron ash) and bridging of the filter pleats, allowing the reverse pulse jet system to work efficiently & effectively. The filter cleaning system operates ‘ON DEMAND’ via filter differential pressure, thereby only using compressed air as required, to clean the filters. This also allows the formation of the filter cake to maximise filter efficiency.   The system has a closed loop, inverter (flow) controlled drive for the fan, maximising energy savings, independent of filter condition and process dynamics.   The dosing systems consists of a hopper for the calcium carbonate together with pneumatic venturi dosing units, pipe-work and automatic timer system. The hopper (with LEV extraction) is loaded with 20Kg bags of Calcium carbonate. The powder is then injected at timed intervals, into the duct-work system, ensuring adequate mixing with smoke/fumes and providing sufficient absorption of the volatile fumes, before reaching filters. Calculations were made to ensure correct sizing of dosing & injection system for the molecular weight of volatiles produced.   A compressed air aided, ‘vacuum point’ attached to the LEV system enables any product from the flare burn to be vacuumed up into the LEV / dust extraction system. An 8m length of 50mm diameter hose, can be attached together with floor / crevice tools, enabling all parts of the test bay to be reached / vacuumed.   A specially designed dust extraction, LEV canopy extracts the smoke / fume from the burning flare, secured in the ‘test-bed’. The canopy creates an ‘air-curtain’ which ensures the air flow does not affect the characteristics of the flare burn. The operator then selects a boost mode, which ramps up the air-flow, increasing the air-changes in the room, to quickly clear the smoke & fumes. The fan automatically reverts to ‘trickle’ ventilation after the fumes are extracted, ensuring safe operator access.   Chemring Counter Measures, Salisbury, Wiltshire are extremely happy with the dust extraction & LEV system operation & performance and are now looking at other innovative solutions, from R&B Industrial, for other ATEX / explosive LEV and general ventilation system requirements and challenges.

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