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Property Bookwork for Landlords. from Property Bookwork

By: Property Bookwork  18/09/2009
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Property Bookwork will help and advise you on your Bookkeeping tasks, or take them off your hands completely.

Landlords Bookkeeping, Specialist Service

Despite the turmoil in the financial market, two things remain unchanged: investors need good tax guidance and accountants need up to date accurate information to provide it.

We are experienced bookkeepers and landlords and know the importance of keeping up to date with how each property is performing and not leaving it until the end of the year to find out.

The benefits of being on the ball with everything up to date are many.

 I suppose the main benefit is peace of mind and knowing where your portfolio is currently at, this lets you decide future plans, gives you the information to let your accountant submit a return form to HMRC. (always recommended as they should be able to save you more than they charge but pick an accountant who is familiar with property allowances. Have they got rental properties of their own is always a good question !)

The more complete your accounts are the less work the accountant has to do so the cost to you is less.

We offer a service you need to ensure accurate recording of Tenancies, Income, Expenditure, Maintenance, Insurance, Gas Checks.

We will remind you when Gas Certificates and Insurance renewals are due by an alert from an automated e-mail system.

If you are on top of things and you are satisfied with your situation, well done!


Otherwise give me a call.

Yours truly,

Gail Nelson,

0845 119 6350, 01252 758970, e-mail;[email protected]

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