Solder Jet Printing for PCB assemblies with BGA devices

Solder Jet Printing for PCB assemblies with BGA devices from Gemini Tec

By: Gemini Tec  08/09/2010
Keywords: engineering, electronics, PCB

Goodbye to stencils and hello to Solder Jet Printing Technology.

With over 80% of PCB assembly errors as a direct result of solder paste application, the MY500 provides the solution. Using revolutionary technology the MY500 jets paste on the fly, at 1.8 million dots per hour. A technology suited to higher density assemblies with BGA devices.

The MY500 is a stencil free process that eliminates many typical problems such as missing paste deposits and incorrect paste volume with such problems leading to poor quality products.

There is no longer a need to order or handle stencils, minimizing the cost of time and materials. Tooling is completed direct from CAD data. As no stencils are required, it also eliminates the need for harsh cleaning, damaging to both employees and the environment.

Solder Jet printing can apply solder paste dots small enough to reflow the finest available mainstream components such as 0.4 mm pitch, Micro BGA, DFN and QFN to IPC SM-782A requirements.

Gemini Tec use a MY500 stencil free printer, Sales Director Adam Harsant comments;  ‘Our decision to invest in stencil free printing was perfectly timed to meet market conditions.  We are delivering a higher level of technical capability for complex assembly and providing a real commercial advantage.’

Lead-free & Leaded Compatible

Operators switch from leaded to lead-free solder paste within seconds. This process virtually eliminates waste. Cassette calibration ensures the correct viscosity of paste, leading to higher levels of accuracy.

Process Control for SMT assembly

Operators can only run print programs approved for production, and can easily be adjusted off-line. Solder paste can be placed in three dimensions to achieve the correct volume, with deposits as close as 0.2 mm.

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