Gemini Tec boosts capacity with MYDATA

Gemini Tec boosts capacity with MYDATA from Gemini Tec

By: Gemini Tec  07/07/2011
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To provide the increased capacity needed to address the strong and sustained growth of its business, Gemini Tec, a leading provider of complex mixed technology PCB assembly services, has purchased two new MYDATA MY100LX10 pick-and-place SMT machines. As supplied, the new machines are configured to operate together as a Synergy line, which gives exceptional flexibility and a total placement capacity of 21,000 cph. They can, however, also be operated independently should the flexibility of building two concurrent jobs be required.

To complement its new machines, Gemini Tec has also installed a full suite of the latest MYDATA operational and productivity software. Instead of purchasing the software outright, however, the company has taken advantage of the MYDATA BUK software rental package. This provides an effective way of reducing capital costs, and also ensures immediate access to all software updates for the next 3 years, as soon as they become available, without the need for additional expenditure as the rental package also includes any installation and training for the new software.

Gemini Tec chose the MY100LX10 machines to expand its capacity because of their outstanding placement accuracy and performance, and also because of their ability to handle an exceptionally wide range of component types efficiently. In addition, they use the same feeders as the company’s existing MYDATA MY12 machine, which has been the mainstay of its SMT operations for the last seven years.

The three MYDATA pick-and-place machines – the existing MY12 and the two new MY100LX10s – will be used in conjunction with Gemini Tec’s MY500 solder jet printer, which applies solder paste to PCBs without the need for costly and inconvenient stencils. This combination will provide Gemini Tec the facilities it needs to ensure that it maintains and even enhances its already strong reputation for responding rapidly, efficiently and cost effectively to the needs of its customers.

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