Economiser Radiators

By: Ecopower Heating Ltd  13/10/2011
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 “The Economiser Electric Radiator” The most energy efficient electrical radiator in our range; The Economiser Radiator uses around 15 minutes of energy to maintain radiant warmth for a whole hour. Innovative design and accurate control means that this power-saving technology typically uses 60% less energy than a conventional storage heater and significantly less than panel or convector heaters while providing healthy radiant warmth from floor to ceiling.

The Economiser Radiator from Ecopower Heating offers you everything that you should expect from a conventional modern central heating system, at a fraction of the cost for installation and with no maintenance, boiler servicing or pipework. Energy efficient, powerful, fully controllable and discreet in looks, the Economiser Radiator can be used in a single area or controlled as part of a centralised system with our wireless programmer / thermostats. To replace a storage heater, simply use the existing power point and remove the old Economy 7 meter. For total simplicity, simply plug in to a standard power socket.

Not just another electric heater! The Ecopower Economiser Radiator is not to be confused with a storage heater, nor a cheap panel or convection heater or liquid filled variant. Storage heaters are bulky and unattractive, and should be considered a thing of the past. We recommend avoiding them avoid at all costs! Here’s why: Storage heaters rely on an outdated night-time electricity tariff called Economy 7. During the night, large bricks inside the heater are charged with electric heat energy for seven hours. Regardless of the temperature the following day, or whether the property is occupied, the heat energy has to be released – at best, wasting seven hours of substantial electricity usage, at worst, forcing the occupant to open windows to lose unwanted heat. Because of the old-fashioned nature of the design, the stored heat is usually spent within a few hours, meaning that the room temperature drops rapidly and needs to be topped up with another heater or supplemented by the storage heater’s “boost” function which is usually inefficient and expensive to use. All of this is often the case, even with more modern storage heaters.

Call our team of experts today on 0845 474 1478 or request a call back here. Prices from £266.  Package prices are available now for orders of four or more Economiser Electric Radiators.

Keywords: Electric Heating Systems, Energy Efficient Electric Radiators, heating system