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By: 3-e Electrical  27/01/2011
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What is a Central Vacuum System?

A Central Vacuum System consists of three main elements:

  1. An extremely powerful (up-to five times more power than a  conventional cleaner) vacuum unit which is installed away from the living areas of your home (like a utility room, cupboard, under the stairs or in the garage where it can be used to valet your car).

  2. A single duct which runs from the vacuum unit to strategically placed inlet points positioned around the property. *

  3. Finally a light weight flexible hose with on/off switch and attachments, which plugs into the inlet points to provide Powerful, Effortless Cleaning.


* Installation is very simple. Just follow the basic installation guidelines for installing the duct and that's it.

What Do I Need?

You need to consider the following basic components for a complete Central Vacuum System:

  • The vacuum power unit, please see individual product description for more information
  • A hose kit, typically with attachments and turbo head
  • Ducting, consider complete inlet kits which provide everything you will need.
  • And finally inlet valves to suit your scheme i.e. white PVC or metal Pewter for example?

Superior Cleaning Power

A vacuum machine power and performance is measured in Air Watts. Not the same as Electrical Watts which will only tell you the power the motor consumes so......

Air Watts? What are they?

Air Watts are a value calculated by multiplying the air flow and suction generated by a vacuum machine.

What does this mean?

The higher the Air Watts the more suction you get, the more suction you get, the better the cleaning power.

Our range of Central Vacuum Systems start at 700 Air Watts and increase up to 1040 Air Watts and beyond!

Use these figures when comparing power and performance of any vacuum machine and you will see  Vacuduct really do provide Superior Cleaning Power!

Do not forget.....

To obtain this Superior Cleaning Power you don't have to push, pull, drag or lift a cumbersome vacuum machine around with you, just simply plug in the hose and vacuum away!

Upto Five Times More Power

A Central Vacuum unit can be as much as five times more powerful than conventional vacuum cleaners and since it is located in a remote location, the sound produced by the Central Vacuum is minimal. It is easy to talk over the sound of an operating Central Vacuum and TV, music and telephones are clearly audible.

A Central Vacuum eliminates the need to drag a clumsy machine around the house, banging up walls and furniture in the process. Portable vacuums have to be lugged up and down the stairs, and in the case of canister vacuums, they have the potential to fall down the stairs if tugged while cleaning. Simply plug the lightweight hose into an inlet located within your property, press the switch and you are ready to go!

The dirt capacity in a Central Vacuum is generous too; it usually requires emptying only once or twice a year. As a final enticement to the homeowner, built-in vacuums typically retain their full value when a home sells and is considered a home upgrade which may increase the value of the home - something that can’t be said for a portable vacuum.

Vacuduct design bespoke Central Vacuum Systems. By adding extra motors to the unit, we can produce even more power and performance, and therefore even more Superior Cleaning Power!

traditional vacuum machinerelies on you to push, pull, drag, drop and carry it around everywhereyou go!The motor, the collection container and the vacuumed waste. Not forgetting the vacuumed air which is recirculated back into your atmosphere!

A Central Vacuum System on the other hand removes 100% of everything it picks up including:

  • Dirt, Dust, Mini Bugs, Pollens, Odours..........Everything!

This results in a cleaner and healthier home environment, simple! 


It has been documented one in three people have dust related allergies and it has been estimated that indoor air may be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Even though portable vacuum manufactures highlight the use of HEPA (high-efficiency particle arrestor) filtration, these only filters down to 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency.

Smaller microbe-laden particles, viruses and bacteria are still passed back into the room being vacuumed. Ordinary dust bags offer little resistance to these tiny particles; microbe laden dust passes through a standard bag like a fly through a chain link fence.

All conventional vacuum cleaners draw air in, collect the dirt, filter it then, exhaust the air back into the room. Even with the best filters it is impossible to eliminate all the fine particles.  These fine particles can cause breathing difficulties for asthma and allergy sufferers, due to the tiny size of these particles they can lodge deep within the lungs, causing irritation.

The Vacuduct Central Vacuum System is fitted with an external vent so all the dust, dirt and unhealthy air that is vacuumed is taken through the sealed ducting then expelled into the atmosphere, outside of the living areas of the home and as such you get no recycled dust or dirty air back into the room.  You will also find that by eliminating these particles your home will stay cleaner for longer too!

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