Paranormal Investigation, Crystals, Angel/Tarot readings, & Mystical themed jewellery.

By: Mystic Worlds  21/07/2009

 We give members of the public a chance to take part in Paranormal Investigations, with a hands on approach to the event. We also offer an Investigation service (free of charge) to people who may have strange things happen in their homes or workplaces that cannot be explained by normal reasoning! Crystal awareness events are also available for those wanting to learn about the "energies" and "healing/protective" uses of different crystals. We also offer crystal and angel/tarot readings, both online and via mobile/landline. Mystic Worlds has online shops dealing in items related to our lines of business. Stocking "Stoneage" (of Glastonbury) designer jewellery, Pentagram items, crystals & tumble stones, tarot/angel cards, & books.