Clipper Blade Sharpening & Clipper Service

By: Shear Ease  03/08/2010
Keywords: Blade Sharpening, Scissor Sharpening, Shear


Clipper blade sharpening is our expertise! Our specialist blade smiths sharpen most makes of clipper blades to standards on par with any on the market.

We believe that our system is by far the most convenient out there.
Our ‘all in’ price is simple and straight forward. You can use any of our competitors but if you ever get round to working out their prices once you’ve added the postage formulas and VAT you will quickly realise we offer  a very competitive price.

Our teams unique blend of small animal groomers, large animal groomers, vets and career long machinists means that with over 80 years combined experience there is no problem we can’t sort.
We’re not allowed to say we’re the best clipper blade sharpening company out there without proof, but try us and let our work do the talking!

We realise that a groomer without sharp blades is a groomer without livelihood, that’s why we perform clipper blade sharpening, reconditioning and return of blades in ONE working day. Your blades get sent back to you the same day they arrive here!

Our Pricing?

All small blades: £5.90

All Large Blades Including Wides: £6.70

Keywords: Blade Sharpening, Clipper Blade, Scissor Sharpening, Shear