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By: Data Capture Solutions (UK) Ltd  03/03/2014
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E-signatures or electronic signatures have made document and service authentication much easier. They reduce the amount of paperwork needed to authenticate sales, deliveries, and receipt/verification of documents and they ease the process, especially for mobile workers. If you want this kind of convenience and efficiency in your business system, look for innovative and highly effective enterprise mobility solutions that you can seamlessly integrate to your current system.

Electronic singing is an online process that indicates approval to a document or the receipt/authentication/validation of a request or a delivery, presented in electronic form. They maintain the integrity of signed documents and are as legally binding as physical signatures, as the person signing cannot revoke/destroy the agreement nor can he deny the signing of the document.

An electronic signature guarantees that the content of a message/package/deliverable has in no way been tampered with during transit and that the sender is indeed a genuine person, known to the receiver (signer). E-signature systems are essentially based on the idea of public key cryptography. In public key cryptography, two keys are required: one that is public or known to all concerned individuals or parties, and another key that is confidential and known only to the sender. These keys are algorithmically linked together and are used to encrypt and decrypt the message. Various methods are used to maintain the integrity of this kind of system.

There are many , the first of which is authentication. Sometimes, it is particularly difficult to determine whether or not a message is received from an authentic source. With electronic signing, it is easier to authenticate the source and ensure that the receiver is getting a message/deliverable that was sent from the legitimate and intended sender. Because of their reliability, electronic signatures are commonly used in financial context.

Maintaining integrity is another major benefit from electronic signing, as it prevents message alteration. Thanks to encrypting technologies, it is virtually impossible to tamper with messages in digitally encrypted forms.

In business, electronic signing also helps terminate excess paper work while also reducing the usage of physical and traditional signatures. Contracts and documents nowadays can easily be sent over the web rather than through traditional post. This saves time, energy, and paperwork, and protects the documents from being altered while in transit. Numerous types of electronic singing software are available in the market nowadays, and they are used by all kind of industries for financial transactions, contract signing, and otherwise. Some of the most common industries using the technology include e-commerce businesses, hospitals, banks and other online businesses.

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Keywords: Facilities Management software, management software

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