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Lower Back Pain - Sports Massage Newport from RJO Massage Therapy

By: RJO Massage Therapy  05/08/2015
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** Testimonial from one of our many pleased customers - Lower Back Pain ** We have the best job in the world. This is a testimonial written by a client that we started treating last year. Her life has changed in such an incredible way. Please give this a read, it will open your eyes to the possibilities of always seeing improvement. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lower Back Pain, Newport South Wales. I first got in contact with Ross around August 2014 after one of my friends, with a similar issue recommended me to RJO Massage Therapy. At this point, I wasn’t enjoying life one bit. I was worried about seeing anyone about my back after countless failed attempts by GP’s and chiropractors. I was anxious going to see Ross but he soon filled me with confidence. On meeting Ross he was friendly, welcoming and extremely understanding. He dealt with my fear and was cautious when treating and when implementing any exercises in my everyday life. Prior to seeing RJO: • I was unable to do any gardening for longer than 10 minutes without getting extreme pain causing me to strop abruptly. I AM NOW ABLE TO DO MOST WORK IN THE GARDEN AGAIN WITHOUT ANY PAIN AND I HAVE EVEN STARTED HELPING MY HUSBAND TO BUILD A GREENHOUSE, FENCE AND MOVE BOXES. • I was unable to walk my dogs for more than 40 minutes without extreme pain, again causing me to stop. Spending time with my dogs is my passion and losing this in my life was extremely overwhelming. I AM NOW ABLE TO WALK THE DOGS FOR 2 HOURS AT A TIME WITH NO PAIN. • I had resorted to using a walking stick when leaving the house when I thought I would be walking for any long period of time. I HAVEN’T USED MY WALKING STICK SINCE USING ROSS. IT IS GATHERING DUST IN THE CUPBOARD SOMEWHERE. • The pain got that bad I bought a mobility scooter so I was able to walk my dogs. I HAVEN’T USED THE SCOOTER SINCE SEEING ROSS, THIS IS ALSO GATHERING DUST IN THE GARAGE. • Every day when I woke up I was in pain, when I went to bed I was still in pain. I CAN NOW GO FOOD SHOPPING, CARRY OUT A FULL SHOP WHILST WALKING AND EVEN LOAD THE CAR WITH MY SHOPPING. WHEN I GET HOME I AM ABLE TO UNLOAD THE CAR AND PUT THE SHOPPING AWAY. • I went to the doctors to receive injections into my hip to give me temporary relief when walking and began to use a litter picker when picking anything up off the floor. I AM NOW ABLE TO BEND DOWN AND PICK THINGS UP IF NEEDED. I DON’T GET ANY PAIN AND I FEEL STRONGER THAN EVER. Throughout the whole process with Ross, I have been given a structured and strict rehabilitation programme which I must say, you NEED to stick too in order to gain the full benefits from the treatment. Carrying out exercises before bed has now become a habit and I haven’t missed a session in a long time. It is now part of my daily lifestyle. One year on, I am seeing Ross on a fortnightly basis as a maintenance massage to keep on top of any issues that could present themselves over the weeks between sessions. I have experienced an all-time low in my life and I can say Ross has transformed it into an enjoyable one again. A year ago I used to contemplate leaving my house, now I am even considering going on holiday again. Thank you so much teamRJO for all you have done and everything you continue to do for me. I continue to recommend Ross to all friends and family when experiencing any pain or problems. If there is one thing that I have learnt, it is, don’t let your body dictate your life, your life should dictate your body! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading. ‪#‎TeamRJO‬

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