Training and Coaching

By: Bob Shepherd Associates  08/05/2009

Bob Shepherd Associates delivers formal training and seminars on a variety of business topics from 'Starting a successful business' , 'How to get on with your Bank' andother topics derived from these areas including 'Retail Frauds', 'Business finance for the bewildered' and a varietu of other topics. 
Formal courses, mentoring and  lectures are delivered for Universities, Colleges and 
like establishments for their Creative Arts students about putting what they are learning into practical business through our associate company Creative Enterprise Consulting ()
Less formal on site training and coaching can be offered for such things as Cash Flow forecasting, Sales and Customer service, Pricing for small businesses and other topics that may apply. Often this training forms a natural part of the Consultancy for that business anyway.
In South Wales some training might be offered at no charge, courtesy of Government funding to help small business.
We can call upon our trusted Associates and colleagues for expertise in most business activity. Don't be afriad to ask for hrlp. Running a business means that you have to be good at everything. That is a tall order. Most businesses muddle along but to gain an important edge over the competition you need an outside view from Bob Shepherd Associates.