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Sewage Treatment Plant & Septic Installations from HighSpecWorks

By: HighSpecWorks  16/09/2011
Keywords: restoration, Wastewater treatment, building renovations

I have worked on main sewage construction in past beginning with the updated Hereford city works in 1975 and then various building projects creating housing estates where I was pipelaying, building manholes etc. I moved into Sewage treatment plants because of my past interest in water clarity in Koi ponds and so found this as a natural transition. There are also key environmental reason why I wish to do this work for others, especially as current systems are not always 100% in their manufacture and I have understanding over water polishing and environmental debris even from run off due to defunct soakaway systems, many of which have now come to the ends of their life. New systems and the Environment Agencies new guidlines which came into force April 2011 mean many people living in rural areas are unware of their own part to play in the environmental clean-up. Even main sewage works for towns and villages have come to the end of their collective sell-by-date and so there has to be new thinking and work in these areas. The other point is clients have to register their systems now, septic tank registry costs £870 for old type systems, whereas environmentally safe units are free. I do not ascribe to the use of reed beds per say as with recent harsh winter freezes proves they can only be used really as tertiary systems to back up existing treatment. To my mind, the old onion type of unit has had its day as it isn't possible to upgrade them with a polishing unit whereas other more simple systems you can. Soakaway systems have a limited shelf life and many have already passed on. Bringing this into now, I excavate, install all pipework and main units including any new manholes to be built, inspection chambers etc. for new sewage treatment plants or adding polishing units to existing septics, all to be piped to a land drainage ditch, stream or river giving cleaned water for others to use.

Keywords: building renovations, MANHOLES, pipelaying, Problem Resolution, reed beds, restoration, sewage treatment works, Wastewater treatment

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