From destruction comes the Best

From destruction comes the Best from HighSpecWorks

By: HighSpecWorks  16/09/2011
Keywords: Doors, carpentry, decking

I guess this was the best because these were so far gone; my client wanted to see the extent of my development. Not only had the planking gone as well as access door, but both stiles had collapsed into themselves through rot and they were each hanging off the top pinned hinges, the bases had become pulp and their timbers were substantial being 7ins squared and 12 feet high, weighing apporximately 15cwt complete! I stripped them down in-situ and found 60% of the frames gone as well; however my client insisted I continue. I repaired both frames whilst supporting them with timber while I removed the brken parts and then carefully spliced, glued and otherwise secured all new sections. Then made the planks for them to fit the original sizes (everything is metric now of course). Sanded, Painted and now as good as they can be. All original metal work was cleaned and re-tooled, as much had been bent during its many years of delipidation. I made a new access door for them too. So hope you like what you see, there are lots more on our website. Have a great day!

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