Structural Release Therapy

Structural Release Therapy from Ray Haq Holistic Personal Trainer and Therapist

By: Ray Haq Holistic Personal Trainer and Therapist  14/09/2016
Keywords: lower back pain, back pain relief, pain management

If you’ve heard of “Rolfing” or “Structural Integration”, then Structural Release is deeper variation. The difference is the whole range of other therapies which are integrated into my system – Kinesiology, Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, Chinese Meridian Therapy and More. Rolfing is basically working on the individuals body to better align with gravity. This means looking at the structure and seeing parts of it that are out of place. Many people are unaware of even this simple fact. Structural Release however uses the muscles meridian relationship, found in practices such as Kinesiology as well as other eastern practices such as Shiatsu. Using all this and much more Structural Release helps to not only release the pain from problems with muscular system, but to also release the potential for the body to learn to do more. Common problems treated through Structural Release Injury rehabilitation Muscle-Skeleton problems Back Pain Arthritis Frozen Shoulder Rheumatism Sports injuries Joint stiffness Circulation problems Low Immunity Weight problems Cellulite Digestive disorders Migraines and Headaches Lack of concentration Lack of energy Stress Insomnia Emotional disorders Anxiety Anger Panic attacks

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