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Wicca for Beginners from Life Cycle Therapies

By: Life Cycle Therapies  12/08/2013
Keywords: elements, Witches, Wicca

Witchy 101 Wicca for Beginners Two-Day Workshop Module 1: 1000 - 1700 - Saturday 6th Sept & Sunday 7th Sept Module 2: 1000 - 1700 - Saturday 22nd Nov & Sunday 23rd Nov Module 3: 1000 - 1700 - Saturday 7th Feb & Sunday 8th Feb Trace Robins Dip Hyp, Dip RTh, LBL Practitioner www.lifecycletherapies.com Witchcraft has been practised for centuries and is one of the oldest religions, yet even in these modern times so much mystery still seems to surround its philosophies and practices. What this course covers This course explores Wicca, the modern term for Witchcraft in its entirety, starting with the basic major principles and teachings and layering from there. The workshop will combine a mixture of talks, meditations and visualizations with the opportunity to touch and experience first-hand many of the tools used in a Wiccan ritual. Three 2 day workshops (Witchy 101, Witchy 102 & Witchy 103) have been designed to cover the fundamentals of Wicca from the essential basics through to setting up sacred space and preparing for ritual to Candle Magick, writing spells and Spell Casting. Witchy 101 •Philosophies & Terminologies •The Wiccan Rede, Principles & Code of Chivalry •The Three Fold Law •Different Branches of Wicca •Wiccan Symbols and Talismans •The History of the Pentagram •Exploring each of the 5 Elements •Gods & Goddesses •Sabbats & Esbats •Moon Phases •Star Signs their lunar correspondence & planetary rulers •What days of the week are best for spell casting? •Tools of the trade Witchy 102 •What is Magick? •Types of Magick •Knot Magick, Glamour Magick, Kitchen Magick, Weather Magick •Colours and Their Meanings •Magickal Attitude •Chakras •Magickal Clothing and Jewellery •Amulets, Charms, Inscriptions, Talismans, Sigils & Runes •To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent •Cleansing, Charging & Consecrating Tools •Handling, Storing and Arranging Tools •Choosing an Altar •Designating and Creating Sacred / Ritual Space (Including Feng Shui) •Feng Shui •Summoning Deities and other Entities •Purifying Yourself & Magickal Attire •Casting a Circle •Fruits and Vegetables •Trees & Wood •Magickal Properties of Crystals & Stones •Magickal Uses of Herbs & Flowers Witchy 103 •Candle Magick •Scrying •Spell Bags •Magickal Scenarios My name is Trace Robins. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and am privileged to have travelled widely. From a young age I realised that I could see, feel and converse with spirits. For a long time this scared me and I struggled for many years, until I joined a meditation circle. Here I met people with similar interests and learned that there are many outlets for the psychically aware. It was also around this time that I came to Wicca. I had endured years of a strict catholic upbringing and catholic private schools and had the constant nagging feeling that there must be more, another path. Wicca offered me this and for the first time in my life I felt like I had come home. Through my Past Life studies I have been able to explore many life times as a Witch, layers and layers of witchy energy flowing through my DNA. I now embrace Wicca fully and incorporate many of the Wiccan philosophies into sessions that I do with my clients. I have found that ritual and the knowledge and use of the elements and natural energies to be a fantastic aid in performing house clearings, cosmic ordering and calming techniques to name but a few. I would love to have the opportunity to share these with you. “An it harm none, do as thou wilt”

Keywords: elements, Spells, Wicca, Witches

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