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By: Village Therapies  10/10/2013
Keywords: Bio-individual nutrition

Systematic Kinesiology is a totally holistic, natural health modality which treats the individual rather than the symptoms being experienced. It is a non-invasive and sound method of identifying imbalances within the body using muscle testing. Systematic Kinesiology is best known for identifying food and environmental sensitivities/allergies: it will also benefit digestive problems, emotional issues, sleep problems, endocrine system imbalances, pain, structural issues including fixations, nutritional imbalances, weight management. Massage ** £3 discount given when client brings two large towels ** Everyone knows that massage is good for you! There are many physiological and psychological benefits of therapeutic massage including: elaxation of body and mind, relief from tension, stress and anxiety, hastening elimination of waste and toxin debris, softening of fatty tissue for easier re-absorption, easing of tense muscles, decrease in pain, inflammation and movement limitation, improved muscle and skin tone, increased energy levels, heightened feelings of wellbeing. Deep tissue massage is a powerful, customised full body massage that focuses on relieving specific stress and muscle tension.

Keywords: Bio-individual nutrition

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