sensitivity/allergy testing, digestive/structural/emotional issues, nutrition; deep tissue massage

By: Village Therapies  17/06/2013
Keywords: lose weight, Panic Attacks, alternative therapies

Applied Kinesiology, also known as Systematic Kinesiology, is a totally holistic approach to natural health care treating the individual rather than the symptoms being experienced. It is a non-invasive and sound method of identifying imbalances within the body using muscle testing, and incorporates wisdom from the Chinese Five Elements which have been used for over 5,000 years. Minor imbalances can be identified before they accumulate and build up to sensitivities, allergies, ailments or diseases. Testing is carried out by assessing the muscle’s ability to hold against light pressure. Corrections are then made as required using bio-individual nutrition, emotional work, firm reflex massage and energy techniques. An Applied Kinesiology session will result in an individual treatment plan which can include nutritional supplements, emotional stress release techniques, various exercise routines, Bach Flower remedies, gentle structural realignment, light touch, firm reflex massage, suggested lifestyle changes, and more. The individual will be encouraged to follow the plan empowering them to improve their own health. Therapeutic Massage There are many physiological and psychological benefits of therapeutic massage including relaxation of body and mind; relief from tension, stress and anxiety; hastening elimination of waste and toxin debris; softening of fatty tissue for easier re-absorption; easing of tense muscles; decrease in pain, inflammation and movement limitation; improved muscle and skin tone; increased energy levels; heightened feelings of wellbeing. Deep tissue massage is a powerful, customised full body massage that focuses on relieving specific stress and muscle tension. ** £3 discount if client brings two large towels **

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