Despite being severely Dyslexic & Dyspraxic passed the entrance exam

By: Sarah Cowell Education, Dyslexia & SEN  17/03/2016
Keywords: Dyspraxic, a 33 year old woman had just ‘felt stupid for years

A ten year old boy had become extremely anxious about going to school although being at a very happy school with good support found to be not just Dyspraxic (as had already been diagnosed) but also to have significant sensory neural deafness at high frequencies which will affect his ability to hear certain speech sounds and will have caused confusion, exhaustion and frustration all through school. Delightful rugby playing nine year old who ‘enjoys’ Maths achieved a score for the standardised Maths test in the assessment at the 99th percentile. He correctly and effortlessly worked through algebraic equations not yet covered in his school curriculum; he just thought he’d ‘have a go’. He achieved a standard score in the top .4 % for the Backwards Digit Span aspect of the Test of Memory and Learning 2 (TOMAL 2) thus he has an outstandingly good mid-term working memory and visual spatial awareness which partly explains his effortless Maths. The assessment of a 33 year old woman helped her to feel less defeated by her inability to repeat phone numbers and recall all messages correctly at work. Her profile of scores indicated underdeveloped aspects of her working memory and phonological weakness that indicated that she is actually Dyslexic. Laws protect her need for recognition of this by her employers and the need for supportive software. The best thing that came out of the assessment was her determination to conquer maths using ‘inchworm’ techniques; taking the strain off her working memory. She said she had just ‘felt stupid for years.’

Keywords: Dyspraxic, a 33 year old woman had just ‘felt stupid for years

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