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By: Penny Davey Kinesiology  21/09/2010
Keywords: nutrition, anxiety, depression

Kinesiology is gentle, non-invasive and pain-free.  Kinesiology can reduce and remove stress and pain, improve performance and promote health and wellbeing.  Muscle-testing is used to obtain feedback from the body and sub-conscious to find out what is going on, what you need to get better and what you need to support you in getting better.  All the information and answers come from your body, rather than me deciding what you need. Kinesiology can be used to ascertain nutritional deficiencies, to test and clear allergies, and to find the most appropriate supplements.  Kinesiology helps you manage stress in a more effective way, over-write old memories, replace unhelpful habits, beliefs and behaviours with new, healthier ones and achieve your potential.  It can be used for physical problems, as well as emotional/mental/spiritual ones.  

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