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By: Harte Personal Training  09/10/2014
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ONE TO ONE TRAINING - Harte Personal Training specialises in bespoke training programs for every client. No two people are the same, therefore no program is going to be either. The initial consultation is paramount in assessing how clients are moving, all programming will be created from this session. Clients will receive a detailed warm up / mobilization routine which will correct any weaknesses found in your movement patterns. This will not only help you in the weights room, but will also carry into everyday life. As nobody wants to be restricted in their movement. Each client goes through a six to eight week program ( called a meso-cycle ) followed by 1 to 3 weeks of an intensification phase ( called a micro-cycle ) before receiving a new program for the following weeks. This not only keeps their programming new and exciting but also ensures that each programme is addressing any issues found during your consultation. ( Programming subject to change based on each individual and their goals). All areas of training are logged and available for clients to work from when they are training alone. NUTRITION - Nutritional programming is a slightly longer process, clients after starting will fill out a food diary logging all details of their current diet for a minimum of 2 weeks. This is to ensure that once a new nutrition system has been written, it revolves around the foods you already enjoy and doesn't seem hard to follow. Every week we discuss any changes you wish to make to your nutrition plan, I am here to help you find the right nutritional system for you, so your nutrition program is constantly updated and improved so you can learn how to eventually structure it for yourself. When dieting its not what you CAN'T eat, it's what you CAN eat!!! I am a huge proponent of being flexible with choices when dieting. All my clients enjoy the freedom to eat all of the foods they enjoy. This is one of my own creations consisting of an egg and oat baked base with a selection of fruits and topped with natural Greek yogurt.

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