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By: Sartorial Executive Bespoke Shirts  22/09/2010
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So many tailors and suit companies advertise their products these days as Bespoke when what they supply are Made to Measure - a little misleading at the least, really.
If you are paying £5-600 for a suit which is labelled bespoke then it is either made in a made-to-measure factory, cut by computer from a standard block and sewn by an assembley line of sewing machinists. Don't get me wrong, there is no problem with made-to-measure, we sell them ourselves, but unlike many others we are totally transparent as to what they are.
If you want a bespoke suit, that is hand made (with a needle and thread and 50+ hours of sewing, cut from a bespoke pattern (there is a clue in there!), with three or more fittings then (especially if it is claimed to be made in England) you are not going to get much change for £1500.

It is for this reason that wehave teamed up with probably our regions best (or possibly only) genuine hand made Savile Row quality bespoke suit maker.

Find out more by calling us on 01684 878195 or visit our website. 

Keywords: Bespoke, Bespoke tailors

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