Hypnoband Weight Loss System Licensed Practitioner

Hypnoband Weight Loss System Licensed Practitioner from Pam Paradise

By: Pam Paradise  03/11/2010
Keywords: weight loss, hypnotherapy, hypnosis

The Hypnoband Weight Loss System-How does it work?

The Hypno-Band is a combination of suggestion, visualisation and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques which combined help the client to make behavioural changes that make sustained weight loss possible. By using the “Virtual Gastric Band” we convince the client that they have undergone gastric band surgery thereby enabling them to eat smaller portions and have their hunger satisfied earlier. The “gastric band” part of the process is a mechanism that helps the client believe their stomach is smaller with less capacity for food.

What are the steps involved?

The Hypno-Band system is used over a series of 4 client sessions. The system is designed to work over four sessions can be flexible dependent on the client’s needs. It is important to emphasise to the client that they must be fully committed to making significant lifestyle changes in order to be successful. The Hypno-Band is not a “Magic Bullet” that will miraculously make them thin!  No weight loss method will be effective unless the client understands that this is not something we “do to them” but rather they must be prepared to change not only the way they eat but the way they think about eating.


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