By: Natural Therapy Works  05/02/2014
Keywords: alternative medicine, alternative therapies, holistic therapies

What is Reflexology; is an ancient natural therapy that is constantly improving and evolving.Thought to originate in Egypt where picture’s are found depicted in the pyramids, some think China. It was brought to the west by Eunice Ingham in the sixties who’s work is still taught today. It is practiced today worldwide with many people our finding the benefits of treatment. Following illness, stress, injury or disease your body can find itself in a state of "imbalance", and your body’s vital energy pathways can become constricted preventing the body from functioning effectively. Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to keep the energy, life force or chi whatever you like to call it,flowing easily. An effective way of encouraging you to relax and in turn helping to restoring the whole person not just the symptoms of dis-ease. Working reflex points mapped out on your feet Lesley will work using some pressure and massage, helping to stimulate blood flow to any areas of stress or injury, unblocking and relaxing the body and encouraging it to heal its self more efficiently.

Keywords: alternative medicine, alternative therapies, Holistic Medicine, holistic therapies, natural therapy