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By: Aquabocci  19/08/2011
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Appropriate installation of drainage channels smoothen the daily working of every place which requires water drainage. From swimming pools to kitchens, from health clubs to gardens, every place needs suitable drainage channels for a life without hiccups. I read an article in an interiors magazine about drainage channels, their variety and usage. Owning a ground floor accommodation, clogged rain water seemed to be my constant problem until last year. Due to installation of improper garden drains, my husband and I were constantly burdened with shovelling and rain water management. With the two of us stuck to hectic work schedules, we then decided to install drainage channels for a simplified daily living.

Drainage channels are available in the market to suit a host of domestic as well as public conveniences. Drainage channels have various advantages over traditional point drainage systems. These do not require the hassles of buried pipes. Drainage channels are much easier to install and ensure an improved water transfer system. Their simple layout design does not challenge the existing structures.  

Due to improper garden drains, the regular passersby had started complaining of wet patches around the grass. Garden drainage is one of the most important essentials of any functional garden. Compromised garden drainage causes boggy lawns, decay of plants and is a big inconvenience to passersby. At the risk of being responsible for someone slipping on my walkway, I got new garden drains installed which not only effectively managed excess water but also looked fantastic.

I got wet room channel drain for the washing area in our house. Initially, I had thought that installation of wet room channel drain would be a huge challenge in my house because I have 3 bathrooms and 1 washing area. I opined that installing wet room channel drains for these would turn out to be a never ending task because all these places were designed differently. Little did I know that the wet room channel drain installation would be an uncomplicated process because these drains were available to suit most of the drainage needs. Along with the new wet room channel drain installation in each bathroom, I also got the shower drains replaced. The new shower drains were compatible with the different floor structures of the bathroom area. These shower drains fit seamlessly on the floor. I found a wide variety of shower drains available at the same place where I got wet room channel drains.

For my swimming pool in the backyard, I got the swimming pool drains installed. To avoid accidents around the pool, swimming pool drains need to be good quality and also be easy to maintain. Water flows through two or more swimming pool drains at the bottom of the pool and multiple drains around the top of the pool. Any residue like leaves, hair, etc that remain on these drains can easily cleaned. Swimming pool drains are a very important necessity. With the newly installed swimming pool drains, I felt so much at ease. These new swimming pool drains added a whole new look to my pool area.

For most convenient and latest designs of wet room channel drains, shower drains, garden drains, swimming pool drains and drainage channels, Contact: 26 Queens Mews, London W2 4BY. Telephone 020 355 186 87, Email- [email protected]

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